Primary school



Education to become a state proven biotechnical assistant (BTA) together with my first high school degree.

A BTA works in a lab in many different disciplines of biology, for example: Microbiology, human cell culture, experimental animals, genetic engineering and all kinds of quantitative analysis such as HPLC and photometrie. 

During the last year of this education I got for the first time in my life in contact with aquaponics through a Youtube video. And that was a life changing moment! 




Second High School degree



Workshop  indoor Fishfarming


Two weeks course of Tilapia hatchery and nursery management in a RAS at Til-Aqua international (The Netherlands)


Next to my studies in agriculture I worked during the weekends as a fish dealer in the oldest fish shop in Bonn (Fisch Meyer).

In the following is a view on my work assessment.



"Wolfgang Grüne, born 14.06.1991, has been working as a temporary worker in our company since 01.12.2012, focusing on the sale of fresh fish, shellfish and crustaceans, delicatessen salads and smoked fish, as well as the filleting and finishing of  whole fish and fish products.


Mr. Green is characterized by his quick comprehension. He is reliable, clean, honest and in time. He is not only working on instructions, he is also able to understand internal processes and works self motivated.  


Mr. Green developed after a short time to our full satisfaction.

His behavior towards customers, colleagues and intentions is exemplary. "



Eight weeks of internship in California at Viridis Aquaponics

The following gives a view on my letter of recommendation:


"To whom it may concern,

Wolfgang Grüne joined Viridis Aquaponics, Inc. during a time of transition and expansion. He
spent two months living and working on our 10 acre facility. To our great benefit, Wolfgang proved to be
a far more than a simple summer intern.

In fact, he was able to lead and implement many changes we have now adopted for our aquaculture program. His knowledge and experience have been crucial to the next phases for our operation in Watsonville, as well as the plans we are drawing for our next facility. I was especially impressed that Wolfgang was so flexible in terms of customizing his knowledge of
aquacultural principles to fit our site and our budget. It is rare to have an employee with the dynamic
background in both greenhouse and fish production. In addition to addressing hurdles we were
experiencing in aquaculture, Wolfgang helped greatly in the construction of our new stream system and
cucumber production.
In every capacity as an employee and contributor, Wolfgang is an ideal candidate; always
dependable, cheerful, and hard-working. It would be our pleasure and an asset to have him our staff
and is always welcome to return."





Four weeks of internship at Aqua Orbis Fine Food GmbH & CoKG

This RAS is specialized on Sturgeon to produce caviar for the higher gastronomie.



Two weeks internship at fish farm Schulte. This company is for more than 20 years specialized in the  grow-out of european catfish (Slilurus glanis) and has a anual production capacity of ~30 metric tons. 




Bachelor Degree at the Friedrich Wilhelms Universität Bonn in agriculture with the specialization plant production.

I wrote my thesis in the department of plant nutrition with the topic : "Using wastewater from aquaculture systems for hydroponics".

During my thesis I took water samples from four different fish farms ( three RAS, one flow-through) which cultured different fish species. Through my thesis I gained an in depth understanding of plant nutrition and I identified factors that are influencing the nutrient discharge of fish farms. Furthermore, it became clear for me which nutrients fish can deliver and which ones may need to be added in an hydroponic system.




Master of Aquaculture and marine ressource management at Wageningen Universität ( The Netherlands).

During my studies I chose the aquaculture specialization where I improved my already existing knowledge and complemented it.

On one hand the education in Wageningen is really focussing on practical aspects but is on the other hand closely linked to research. Furthermore, teachers place aquaculture in a global context and put a lot of emphasis on teamwork which is reflected in group work. The expected graduation date is at the end of 2018.